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At Instant Tattoo we believe that your body is the ultimate expression of who you are as a unique individual and that you should be free to choose how you style yourself.  Our minds, feelings and thoughts are in constant flux - we wanted to create a tattoo that changes along with you. Instant Tattoo is the very first waterless tattoo that applies within 30 seconds. It’s painless and non-invasive, and lasts 2 - 5 days so that you can always be the truest version of yourself in every instant.

在Instant Tattoo,我們相信你的身體是作為一個獨特個體的表現,你應該自由選擇自己的風格。
Instant Tattoo是一個在5秒內可蓋上的免水空氣紋身。它像是貼紙印章一樣無痛而且簡單,不會造成任何過敏,設計上還能防水,但是如果想拿掉隨時可以用肥皂清洗掉。Instant Tattoo的製作和材料都在韓國,且通過韓國政府的檢驗,貼上去後的時間可以持續2-5天,因此您可以隨時隨地的變換成為不同的自己。
Fake But Real. Enjoy Your Life.